Drop Shipping


We are accepting new applications for our Drop Shipping Program ONLY if your business meets the following criteria and you are required to email us proof that you meet with these criteria:

1) Your primary business is a brick & mortar retail bridal store and you intend to use our drop shipping service as a convenience for your retail customers, or...

2) You have a retail website specializing in bridal or special occasion wear.

3) We no longer allow Mariell items to be sold on eBay or Amazon stores.

For your convenience, Mariell will drop ship any order directly to your customers for a nominal fee of $4.95. There is NO MINIMUM order for drop shipping. We stock everything, package it and usually ship your order the same day for the fastest possible drop shipping service available! Trusted by over 4,000 retailers, Mariell brings you a great selection of best-selling bridal, wedding and prom jewelry, headpieces, tiaras, veils, evening bags, faux furs, shawls, gloves and more with unmatched customer service, top designs and excellent quality.

Due to the high cost of international mail and long transit times, our drop shipping service is not available outside of the US.

How to Drop Ship:

1. When you place an order for drop shipping on the Mariell website, please be sure to click the link on our shopping cart page for our "Drop Shipping Service" ($4.95) and add it to your cart before you proceed to checkout. To assure that your order is drop shipped with your store name on the box and without a Mariell invoice, you MUST add the "Drop Shipping Service" to your cart. You will be prompted to do so before you check out before proceeding to checkout. Caution: Unless you add the Drop Ship Service item to your cart, your drop ship order will be delayed or the order may be shipped with the Mariell name on the parcel and the Mariell invoice in the box.

2. Drop Ship orders can only be delivered to a single shipping address and cannot be combined with orders going to your store or to other shipping addresses.

3. Drop ship orders may ONLY be placed on our website and must be paid for with a major credit card or PayPal.

Build Your Business Name:

1. All drop shipments will have your store name on the return address so your customers will know that the parcel is coming from your store. (Note that the street address below your store name will be our warehouse address in case the parcel is undeliverable.)

2. No invoice will be included in the parcel. We are highly experienced dropshippers so just sit back, relax and watch your business grow.

Free Product Images, Model Images and Product Description and Important Legal Restrictions: To simplify and enhance your marketing of Mariell products, we offer a complimentary CD or download of our product images, model images and an excel spreadsheet of product descriptions and wholesale pricing. All our images are copyrighted by Mariell (a division of San Marel Designs, Inc.). Prior written authorization is required before you can use our copyrighted images. To apply for authorization, you must submit an email to us with your intended use of our images (whether in printed materials and/or on the internet) and must include exact images of proposed printed materials and/or specific links to all websites and URL's showing proposed usage of our product images. At our sole discretion, we reserve the right to deny use of our images if we deem their proposed use to be in any way inappropriate or potentially harmful to our company based upon such factors as (including but not limited to): the appearance and/or nature of the site being inconsistent with Mariell products and image; the failure to mention the brand name "Mariell" in the product description; the use of our images for purposes other than the sale of Mariell products; etc. If prior approval is granted, the use of our images is authorized exclusively for the sole purpose of selling Mariell products. Any other use such as for advertisements, banners, promotional materials, etc. must be submitted to us for separate prior approval. Any company who has stopped purchasing products from Mariell may no longer use our product images and will be required to immediately remove our images from their website within 24 hours notice of our emailed or written request to do so. At any time, we reserve the right to demand immediate cessation of use and removal from the internet of any Mariell images which we deem to be in violation of our policies or which, in our sole discretion, are being used in a way which is damaging to the Mariell brand. Any company using our copyrighted images in violation of these terms and conditions are subject to Federal infringement charges and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Fee: There is a $4.95 fee for each drop shipment parcel.

PLEASE NOTE: Drop Shipping is Available in the US Only! Mariell's Drop Shipping Service is not available outside of the U.S.